Effective 11/16/2020 City Hall will be closed until further notice. Please call 85-622-1100 for assistance.

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The City of Rock Falls, Illinois will be receiving SEALED BIDS until 10:00 am on October 19, 2020 for a New 2020/2021 Backhoe Loader.  Sealed bids, in duplicate, will be received in the office of the City Clerk at 603 West Tenth Street, Rock Falls, IL 61071 on the above subject items and as per the attached specifications.  The bidding requirements specified below must be followed by the bidder to qualify for consideration.

  • Bids, in duplicate, in a sealed envelope, shall be plainly marked on the envelope as to the name of the bid, bid opening date and time, and the name of the bidder.
  • The proposal shall be signed by the proper authorized authority as specified.
  • Any submitted articles deviating from the specifications must have full descriptive data accompanying the proposal or it will not be considered for an award.
  • The City of Rock Falls reserves the right to reject any and all bids.
  • Any questions on the specifications, please contact:

Ed Cox, Rock Falls Wastewater Department, (815) 622-1125

Wastewater Backhoe Bid Notice & Specifications




Information about TIF Districts

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Information can be found below for the Rock Falls Downtown TIF.

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Prevailing Wage

The General Assembly of the State of Illinois has enacted the Prevailing Wage Act, 820 ILCS 130/1 et seq. (“Act”)

The Act requires that all Illinois governmental entities, including home rule units of local government, either accept the prevailing wages determined by the Illinois Department of Labor or investigate and ascertain the prevailing rate of wages as defined in the Act for workers employed to perform work on public works construction projects in the locality in which the work is performed,

The City Clerk shall, by posting on the City’s website a notice of its determination (a copy of the most recent Ordinance) with a hyperlink to the prevailing wage schedule that is published on the official website of the Illinois Department of Labor, and such posting shall constitute notice that the determination is effective and that this is the determination of the City.