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Restroom Remodel Bid

City Hall, Rock Falls Chamber & Fire Department Restroom Remodel Bid Packet

Please check back periodically for any Amendments to this Bid


Of Property Owned by City of Rock Falls
and Invitation to Bid Thereon
(200 ½ E. 4th Street, Rock Falls, IL 61071)

          PLEASE TAKE NOTICE THAT the corporate authorities of the City of Rock Falls will
receive sealed bids for the purchase, under the successful bid, of the fee simple interest in the
following real property:

          Part of Lots 1, 9 and 10 in Block 19, Original Town (now City) of Rock Falls, Whiteside County,
Illinois, described as follows: Beginning at a point on the Northerly line of said Lot 10, 98.0 feet
Northeasterly (as measured on said Northerly line) of the Northwest corner of said Lot 10; thence extending
Northeasterly on the Northerly line of Lot 10 and Lot 1, 43.0 feet to a point 70.65 feet (as measured on the
Northerly line of said Lot 1) Southwesterly of the Northeast corner of said Lot 1; thence Southeasterly
parallel with the Westerly line of said Lots 9 and 10, 84.0 feet; thence Southwesterly parallel with the said
Northerly line of Lots 1 and 10, 43.0 feet; thence Northwesterly parallel with the said Westerly line of Lots
9 and 10, 84.0 feet to the said point of beginning, commonly described as 200 ½ E. 4
th Street, Rock Falls, IL

PIN No. 11-27-157-002

which property is generally located at 200 ½ E. 4th Street, Rock Falls, IL, 61071. The Property is
improved with a single family residence.

          Sealed bids for the purchase of the aforesaid interest in the Property are hereby invited
and will be received by the Rock Falls at the City of Rock Falls City Clerk’s Office, 603 West 10th
Street, Rock Falls, Illinois, 61071 between the hours of 8:00 A.M. and 5:00 P.M., and until 2 :00
P.M. on the date specified for the opening of bids. Said proposals shall be addressed to:

City of Rock Falls
City Clerk’s Office
603 West 10th Street
Rock Falls, IL 61071

and shall bear the legend “PROPOSAL – SALE OF REAL ESTATE -200 ½ E. 4th STREET, ROCK
FALLS, IL 61071″ and the name and address of the bidder.

          All bids received will be publicly opened and read aloud on August 6, 2019 at the regularly
scheduled Rock Falls City Council meeting.

          A contract may be awarded to the highest bidder found to be in the best interests of the
City of Rock Falls. The City reserves the right to reject any and all bids and to waive any
informalities or irregularities in the bidding. The City further reserves the right to review and
study any and all bids and to make a contract award within 30 days after the bids have been
opened and publicly read. All bids received shall be signed by the bidder, shall be in the form of
the bid documents as provided for herein, and each such bid shall constitute an offer to the City
to purchase the Property, which offer shall be irrevocable and remain open for a period of not less
than thirty (30) days following the opening on August 6, 2019. A verified letter from an officer of

a qualified financial institution stating that the bidder has access to funds in an amount no less than
$25,000.00 for purposes of this project must accompany the bid.

The contract awarded to the successful bidder, if any, requires payment in full at the date of closing.
The contract further provides that the sale of the Property is on an “as is” basis with no warranties of
habitability or fitness for purpose and no warranty of the usability or condition of any of the
components or any part of the Property, and that the deed to the Property is to be deposited in
escrow until the Property has been determined by inspection to be in full compliance with all building
codes of the City of Rock Falls. The successful bidder shall cause the Property, and all deficiencies and
violations of codes therein, to be placed in full compliance with the Building and Property Maintenance
Codes of the City in accordance with the following schedule:

  1.             Exterior of the Property shall be brought into compliance within one (1) year from the date of closing.
  2.             Interior of the Property shall be brought into compliance within two (2) years from the date of closing.

          In the alternative, the successful bidder may choose to demolish the existing structure and
construct a new residential structure upon the premises, to be constructed in full compliance
with building and property maintenance codes of the City, to be completed on or before one (1)
year from the date of closing. In the event the successful bidder chooses the alternative of constructing
a new residence on the subject premises and determines to demolish the building on the property,
said successful bidder shall post a demolition completion bond in favor of the City of Rock Falls, in
the amount of Twenty Thousand and no/100 Dollars ($20,000.00), to assure the timely and complete
demolition of the existing structure within ninety (90) days. Upon failure of the bidder to comply
with the contract, the City may, at its option, file an action seeking to forfeit the interest of the bidder
in the Property and to retain the purchase price as damages to be incurred by the City in placing
the Property into compliance. The successful bidder, if any, will be required to enter into the
described contract with the City of Rock Falls. Nothing in this notice shall constitute a waiver or
alteration of all or any portion of the described contract.

          The property will be made available for public inspection by appointment only. To make an
appointment for inspection contact the Rock Falls Building Department at 815-622-1108.

          Copies of the bidding documents, including the contract for the purchase of the Property may
be obtained at the office of the Building Official of the City of Rock Falls.

                                                                                     Michelle Conklin, Deputy City Clerk
                                                                                     City of Rock Falls



Information about TIF Districts

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Prevailing Wage

The General Assembly of the State of Illinois has enacted the Prevailing Wage Act, 820 ILCS 130/1 et seq. (“Act”)

The Act requires that all Illinois governmental entities, including home rule units of local government, either accept the prevailing wages determined by the Illinois Department of Labor or investigate and ascertain the prevailing rate of wages as defined in the Act for workers employed to perform work on public works construction projects in the locality in which the work is performed,

The City Clerk shall, by posting on the City’s website a notice of its determination (a copy of the most recent Ordinance) with a hyperlink to the prevailing wage schedule that is published on the official website of the Illinois Department of Labor, and such posting shall constitute notice that the determination is effective and that this is the determination of the City.