Street Department

The Rock Falls Street Department is responsible for maintaining approximately 70 miles of roadway, 20 miles of alleyways, sidewalks, curb, and road signage.

Contact the Street Department

David Miller

(815) 622-1100

Street Resurfacing

For information on upcoming street resurfacing, visit the news page.

streetsThe Street Department has various types of equipment to maintain the roads. The city owns five dump trucks, street sweeper, emulsion machine, skid loader, pay loader and lawn care equipment.
The Street Department consists of five city employees.

Snow Emergencies

Once a snow emergency has been issued, persons shall park on even-numbered side streets during an even-numbered day of the month, or on an odd-numbered side of the street during an odd-numbered day of the month.

All vehicles parked on posted DESIGNATED SNOW ROUTES throughout the city are required to be removed from those routes until the route is cleared from curb to curb or the Snow Emergency Parking Ban is lifted.

There is NO PARKING from 2:00 am to 5:00 am during the days of the snow emergency declaration as follows:

  • West 2nd Street from 1st Avenue to 5th Avenue
  • East 2nd Street from 1st Avenue to Avenue B
  • East 3rd Street from 1st Avenue to Avenue B
  • 200 block of 2nd Avenue 3rd Avenue & 4th Avenue
  • 1st Avenue from the Bridge to Dixon Avenue

potholeReport a Pothole

To report a pothole, please contact or call (815) 622-1100.