Contractors’ Corner

If you are a contractor doing business in the City of Rock Falls, check here for important information.

All contractors must be registered with the city in order to perform work in Rock Falls. They must also hold a $15,000 bond and required insurance. Registration requirements can be found here. To register, please download our registration form. This form can be completed and and signed digitally and returned to the email addresses at the bottom of the form.


Electricians must have passed the regional test in order to register with the City. If you have a similar license from out of the area the Building Department will likely accept that.


All roofers are required to supply a State of Illinois Roofing License.

The following categories require a State license:

Illinois Roofing Industry Licensing Act

Contractor’s Codes

2021 International Residential Code
2021 International Building Code
2021 International Fire Code
2021 International Mechanical Code
2021 International Fuel and Gas Code
2021 International Energy Code
2021 Existing Building Code
2020 National Electrical Code
2021 Illinois Plumbing Code
2021 International Property Maintenance Code
2012 Illinois Accessibility Code
2010 American Disability Act

Surveyors Tools

Survey Control Network

All submittals shall tie into the City of Rock Falls official Survey Control Network.

Geospatial Reverence Information:

  • Coordinate System: State Plane (IL West-1202)
  • Horizontal Datum: NAD83 (North American Datum of 1983)
  • Vertical Datum: NAVD88 (North American Vertical Datum of 1988)
  • Unit of Measure: US Survey Foot


Download our PDF with the city’s geospatial reference information.



See public GIS information by visiting the Whiteside County GIS site.