City Council


The City Council is the city’s main governing body and meets the first and third Tuesday of each month to perform formal business. The fourth Monday of the month the City Council holds the Committee of Whole meeting where they discuss but do not conduct official business.

Eight council members, two selected from each of the four wards, serve staggered four-year terms. The Mayor is elected by a city-wide election held every four years and serves as the chairperson of the Council.

The Council has a diverse number of powers. In general terms, it sets policy for the city. It devises a budget for the year and approves it, appoints members to committees serving the city, approves new hires with the city and sets the tax levy for the year. Additionally it determines speed limits within town, decides where stop signs should be placed, and attends to the Electric, Water, Sewer and Garbage utilities. They also oversee the Police and Fire departments as well as ensures public safety through the (ESDA) and the building department.

Please feel free to contact any of the City Council through the main offices at City Hall by phone (815) 622-1100 or fax (815) 622-1113.

City Aldermen

You may contact any of the City Aldermen via information below or contact City Hall at 815-622-1100.

Find out which ward you live in by viewing our ward map.

Ward Map

First Ward

Gabriella Palmer
(815) 590-9217

Third Ward

Alderman Schuneman

Jim Schuneman
(815) 716-6745

Fourth Ward

Alderman Folsom

Lee Folsom
(815) 441-7803

Bill Wangelin
(815) 590-2579

Alderman Snow

Brian Snow
(815) 535-7041

Rod Kleckler
(815) 590-1950

Violet Sobottka

Committees, Boards & Commissions

Each City Alderman is a member of one of the committees, which assist the council. Committees make recommendations to the City Council and in turn the Council acts on those recommendations.

Below is information on each of the committees and boards.

ADA Review Committee

Meets: First Wednesday of every other month (every two months) at the Rock Falls Living Center.

Overview:  The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Review Committee discusses any ADA complaints or issues within the City of Rock Falls. The Committee reviews the city’s Accessibility Plan, and checks compliance with the Illinois accessibility code.

Chair: Mark Searing


  • Alan Petersohn
  • Emily Witt
  • Sandy Lichner
  • Mike Maxwell
Building Code Committee

Meets: First Wednesday of each month at 5:15 p.m. at the City Hall North End conference rooms.

Overview: The committee shall review and recommend to the city council, any building code changes deemed to be necessary for the City of Rock Falls. Additionally they will assist the Building Inspector in recommending guideline to the City Council for which homes within the city limits are investigated for building code violations and or remediation.

Chair: Brian Snow


  • Violet Sobottka
  • Rod Kleckler
  • Sally Scanlan
  • Chris King
  • Mark Searing
Committee of the Whole

Meets: As necessary on the fourth Monday of every month at 6:30 p.m. in the City Council Chambers.

Overview: This committee is a discussion Committee of the City Council, and consists of all of the members of the City Council. No actions and or recommendations can be made or voted on at these meetings.

Utilities Committee

Meets: Fourth Monday of each month at 8:15 a.m. at the Electric Department.

Overview: The Utilities Committee shall be responsible for overseeing the operations of the Electric, Water, Wastewater, Broadband (Rock Falls Fiber.Net) and the Customer Service Office. All recommendations of Finance or Policy and Procedures will be sent to the City Council for final approval. There responsibilities shall include, but not be limited to development of Capital plans, both long and short term including their implementation. In addition,  monitoring performance accountability, identify key performance areas, indicators and metrics, establish bench marking to measure utility performance,  communicate utility performance to community stakeholders, and provide long-term goals and strategies to insure; reliability, affordability, responsibility, safety and quality of life. Any Utility projects involving streets and or alleys should be coordinated with the Public Works/Public Property Committee.

Chair: Jim Schuneman


  • Mayor Wescott
  • Administrator Robbin Blackert
  • Shane Brown
  • Kim Groharing
  • Tom Myers
  • Bill Wangelin
Finance/Insurance/Investment Committee

Meets: Fourth Tuesday of each month at 5:30p.m. in the City Council Chambers.

Overview: The Committee shall review the finances of each of the Municipal Utilities, as well as, the General Fund. They shall make recommendations to the City Council regarding the long and short term financial well-being of those entities. They shall be charged with creation and supervision of the City Budget in association with the City Administrator and Office of the City Clerk. They shall also review information regarding the Health/Dental/liability Insurance for the City. They shall make recommendations to the City Council regarding these items from time to time. . In addition, they shall review the investments of the City and shall make recommendations on those investments.



  • Rod Kleckler
  • Bill Wangelin
  • Gabriella Palmer
Groundwater Protection Committee

Meets: As needed

Overview: The Groundwater Protection Committee is an ad hoc committee that discusses issues relating to the safety of drinking water within the city.

Chair: Ted Padilla


  • Gene Johnston
  • Todd Purdy
  • Matt Hansen
  • Joe Behrens
Industrial Development Commission

Meets: Third Thursday of each month at 4:00p.m. in the City Hall north end conference rooms.

Overview: The committee is involved in the sale and use of land within Rock Falls, and Industrial Parks .

Chair: Michael Clark


  • Brian Snow
  • Dave Devries
  • John Larson
Ordinance/License/Personnel/Safety Committee

Meets: Fourth Thursday of each month at 5:30 p.m. in the City Council Chambers.

Overview: The Committee shall review all proposed Ordinance changes and shall make recommendations for adoption. Any license applications referred from the City Clerk’s Office shall be reviewed prior to awarding the license. In addition, they shall be charged with interviewing for all positions of the City with the exception of the Police and or Fire Services. They shall also review on a quarterly basis reports covering worker compensation incidents, as well as, liability and property claims against the City.  Review Department Safety meeting minutes and take any necessary action to insure compliance of all safety policy and procedures. If the office of City Administrator is vacant for any reason, the Committee shall also be involved in the IBEW Grievance process at step 2.

Chair: Violet Sobottka 


  • Brian Snow
  • Bill Wangelin
  • Gabriella Palmer
Planning and Zoning Commission

Meets: Second Thursday of each month at 7:00 p.m. in the City Council Chambers.

Overview: The board reviews zoning changes and variances brought to the city by land owners.

Acting Chair: Don Koehler


  • Tony Sosi
  • Rick Turnroth
  • Chuck Koehler
  • Mike Spain
  • Stephanie Brall
  • Bill Groleau
Police and Fire Committee

Meets: As needed.

Overview: The Committee shall receive from time to time information regarding the operations of the Police and Fire Departments. They shall review work procedures, manning and make recommendations to the City Council following consultation with the Fire and Police Chiefs respectively. The committee does not replace or supersede the Police & Fire Commission established under Illinois Revised Statue, Chapter 24, 10-2.1-1

Chair: Lee Folsom


  • Rod Kleckler
  • Bill Wangelin
Public Works Committee

Meets: First Friday of each month at 8:15am. in the City Council Chambers.

Overview: The committee is charged with the overseeing the Street and garbage services of the city. This committee reviews information and makes recommendations as are necessary to the city council. Department considerations include, but are not limited to the items covered under the current Garbage refuse contract, and any roads, sidewalks, curbs and or ADA compliance matters. In addition, the committee oversees all the property that the City owns and is intended to be used by the public, including public buildings and parking lots.

Chair: Rod Kleckler


  • Bill Wangelin
  • Lee Folsom
Tourism Committee

Meets: Second Tuesday of each month at 9:00 a.m.


  • The Committee is responsible for the review of proposals, submitted requesting tourism grant funds and recommendation to the Council of those projects that meet the requirements as outlined in the Illinois Statue. In addition, the committee will coordinate with the Tourism Director on all operations to do with advertising, conferences, trade shows, as well as, membership in other related tourism programs. In addition, tourism will be responsible for usage requests of the RB&W Riverfront property and the Veteran’s Memorial Park (Galt Avenue & 5th Street), as well as the area known as the “slab” until such time the property is sold and is no longer usable for community events.

Chair: Jim Schuneman


  • Brian Tribley
  • Mike Sterba
  • Amy Williamson
  • Bethany Bland
  • Michelle Kreczmer

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